What Does Going VIP Get You?

Nightclub in Southport

Sometimes, a regular night out in a Southport Night Club isn’t enough. There are all sorts of occasions which call for something a little more, whether it’s a birthday party, a celebration, a stag or hen party, or any step up above the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

On nights like those, you’ll need something bigger and better than the usual Southport Bar and Club can provide. You need a VIP experience to reflect the fact that you are a VIP. As the only VIP Night Club Southport has to offer, Khepri has exactly what you need.

But what does going VIP get you?

With most clubs, the VIP package includes somewhere to sit in the club and a bar tab, but at Khepri, you get that and more: with a choice of three seating areas, we can accommodate your group at a Dance Floor booth right by the action, a cosy Balcony Booth overlooking the club, or a DJ Box Booth.  Those three options break down like this:

Dance Floor Booths

A gorgeous 8-seater VIP booth right by the dance floor, when you upgrade to VIP at one of these booths you’ll get a £400 bar tab, 3 mixers per bottle, waitress service all night and free entry to the VIP area for all 8 of your guests. Right by the dance floor, your group will be able to flit back and forth from your booth to the dance floor as the music takes you, and your waitress will make sure you never need to put your night on hold to wait at the bar! The Dance Floor Booth is available for a minimum spend of £400, or £50 per guest.

Balcony Booths

Overlooking the club, the 5-seater balcony booth offers spectacular views of the bar and dance floor. When you book one of these exclusive VIP booths, you’ll get a bar tab of £250, along with the usual 3 mixers per bottle and full waitress service for the entire night, making queuing at the bar like a non-VIP into a thing of the past! You’ll also receive free entry to the club and the VIP area for all 5 of your guests, and the booth is yours from 10.30pm for the rest of the night. All this is yours for just £250, or £50 per head.

DJ Box Booths

The ultimate in VIP treatment, the DJ Box Booths at Khepri place your group right at the heart of the action – the DJ Box. Coming with 8 seats and a £400 bar tab, these elite booths also have full waitress service from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, and come with 3 mixers per bottle and free VIP entry for you and the other 7 members of your party, all for only £400 minimum spend – just £50 per guest. No other Southport Bar and Club can offer an experience like it!

Once you’ve tasted the VIP lifestyle, nothing else compares. To book your VIP Booth today, just click here or call Khepri on 01704829819!

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