What are the Ingredients in a Great Night Out in Southport?

If you are planning a night out in Southport, then you will want to make it as spectacular and exciting as you possibly can. If you’re going out, there is no point settling for less than the best, no point getting stuck with mediocre atmosphere and music, and definitely no point having a bad night simply because your venue is lacklustre and your sights were set too low.

That’s why we recommend any night out in Southport follows these rules to make sure everyone involved has the night of their lives!

A Great Location

Any night out is going to involve a certain amount of travel, either from bar to club, from club to takeaway or from wherever you are to wherever you need to go to chase the best time!

However, that means that even the most incredible club can’t exist in a vacuum – it needs to be accessible and in a location that will allow people to travel to and from it easily. As real estate agents are fond of saying, the three most important things in finding a club are location, location and location!

For those seeking a night out in Southport, Khepri neatly solves the issue of location by situating itself on Lord Street, the main street of the town and the perfect location for going to and from the club, with plenty of other Southport nightlife and attractions on the same street – a perfect hub of nightlife and activity!

Great Atmosphere

Once you’re at the club, the very first thing you’ll notice is the atmosphere. Consisting of a combination of loads of factors, a club’s “atmosphere” is the music, the lighting, the setting, the people, the mood of the crowd, the DJ and everything else!

Great atmosphere is something that a club has to cultivate carefully – the mood has to be set every night and corrected if something isn’t right, which is why Khepri has only the best DJs, the most experienced bar staff and the most professional security.

Great Drinks

Obviously, no good night out in any field of Southport Nightlife is complete without drinks – so the bar at Khepri stocks something for everyone, making sure that whatever you’re in the mood for, you can enjoy it when you visit! Check out our cocktail menu in the club for more information!

Great Music

With the best drinks and the best atmosphere, the night can still go south if the music falls flat. The music needs to be the best of the best, played at the right time in the night to complement the mood of the crowd and keep the beat going – that’s why at Khepri, our expert DJs play the cream of the crop of modern chart, pop and dance, making sure the atmosphere stays electric all night.

The only thing missing after that is great people – and that’s something that Khepri can’t provide for you! Text around, ask the group chat or send your invites out and make sure those party people are there!

Wherever you go, make sure your night follows the rules above, and we guarantee it’ll be a night out in Southport that you’ll never forget!

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